maandag 12 december 2011

Strange developments

Strange developments between human beings
One starts of in ones youth with some experiences witch, strangely one remembers for the rest of life. Memories about things, persons…but also about thoughts one has inside. Like that time when one sat in class, the sun was shining and one tried to catch it between ones eyes; in such a way that when one closed them not completely a lot of rays danced up and down. It was a kind of ritual , a kind of starting life all over again, the negative things were gone and from now on one would make no more mistakes any more. Little did one know that the way of becoming more and more conscious was through both clever and partly silly or sometimes seemingly stupid decisions. Even less did one knew that in each ‘now’-moment the next was already kind of predestinated by everything and everyone and each interaction that had preceded. What one feels thinks and wishes, not only what one does is important in a way, because together with what others think and wish and do, it determines what is going to happen next, which words are going to be spoken and which deeds and events will occur.
Like in human history one advance each decennium more in to progress towards a world where the quality of live is more important than too much consumerism (even it does not seem to be the case in many ways these days), through contradictory evolutions and revolutions things will lead to forms of managing society in an ecological way and in a manner that everyone has the means of leading a life with aces to housing, food, transport, telecom, clothing, energy and so on. A lot of people did their part in explaining all about life and how to come closer towards this point in history.
In an prosaic kind of essay, called ‘so there was life after dead’, one tried to explain the ways in which life, even based on science, not only on not strictly religious belief, could well be eternal. Like the rays one played with between ones eyes, it has something to do with the for our eyes and equipment practically invisible radiation that set off to turn itself in to atoms and cells…and when those in a first stage died and the process had to start all over again to form new cells. But at a certain point in evolution the energy of all those first cells who had disappeared, became so strong that by a kind of intuition that was in fact of a kind of first energy transmission, the living cells started dividing themselves to reproduce, what in fact was a short cut.
A lot of what practically happened to one and between others, behind an ever evolving history, one already wrote about. Things like the story in the intro above, are too close to the kind of material radiation is made of (using these words instead of the ‘other world’ or ‘the spiritual world’, because of the heavy load they carry along due to the history of religions and other kind of beliefs). It was like if an ever present urge accompanied one in making me do things that were predestined…but evolved also together with the consciousness surrounding one. Every important decision in ones life, was accompanied by a kind of warning, a kind of ‘leave it for what it is or for who she or he is’. As humans were concerned one often follows ones heart out of compassion. The heart is traditionally seen as the source of romance and love, but in fact it is the symbol of power and distribution. People tend to only speak about the hearth instead of the entire system. It seems that the kind of qualities attributed to the heart are more closer to men’s lower chakra’s; which in their own way are closer to one’s right part of the brain function. The more rational part of the brain interacts more with the rational functions, is more air then water or chemicals, more radiation the ‘fire’ within matter. Part of us functions as a receiver of what was in order to move to what will be with the ‘now’ as an eternal go between that ages very quick but stays young forever.